Monday, April 23, 2012

Equipped and Ready!!

It had been a while since I've sent my resumes on dozens of companies that would help me get to my dream job, and the idea of a response is becoming absurd. Well little did I know that someone would call me earlier today, I was actually putting out the garbage when the HR called. :p

And as expected they did not know how to waste time for I'll be having my interview tomorrow 9am.
Good luck to me!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Plans for today 4/16/2012

Image from Google

Hey guys! Today I'll try to look for nice thrift stores (ukay) for me to blog. My agenda is to look for pieces that would create a summerific ensemble, to look good without spending so much. So stay tuned for more! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


PFW 2012 will run from May 22-27 at the SMX Convention Center.
See you Guys there! ;)


OPENRICE.COM is your online dining guide for restaurants in Metro Manila & the Philippines, with dining info on delivery, restaurant and food reviews, promos

HI guys I had just created my Openrice account, I'll be posting reviews for restos and such there so please do visit my reviews thanks!


More works to come just keep looking at the aquarium guys! ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Summer's in and IT FEELS SO GOOD

A cool way to treat summer's heat, with its red and green touch, Life's like a Tomato.

A Photo by me

Model: Aeroul Franz
Top: Calvin Klein
Pants: People are People
Shoes: Custom made (model's own)
Hat; Thrift store

Art Students say: "We Paint Hard But Party Harder!!"

CFAD students celebrate their talent with another Artsy Fartsy Party Bash! Last March 13, showcasing more than their artistic capabilities, these talented students showed their vocal prowess that night. Accompanied with artworks on sale that night Artsy Fartsy made a huge BANG! As the students, mostly comprises by the Juniors and Seniors, enjoy their last few weeks of school days.

CFAD Adver Graduates danced their hearts out!
From left to right: Mae, Bea, Pikoy, Kido, Edes

Roses were given to girls as celebration to Philippine Women's Month.
Ate Jenn Pinon says "I LOVE YOU" with her roses.
These Three LOVABLE LADIES have been and still very essential in my life!
and two are very much available ;)
(email me for their numbers)
From left to right: Sab, Jaz, Lei

Yep Kido Onion Nose nosed it

Photo by: Sab Tuanquin

And when the students got drunk THIS happened.
Bea as "Thalia"
I'm hoping for another Artsy Fartsy encore guys and be sure to invite me again next time YEAH! \m/


Cardigan from Oxygen, Pants from Lee, Tank Top from Le Froge.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


An extremely late post, sorry I got a bit lazy last few weeks ^^p. I'll be a foodie on this post, but will still squeeze in a pint of fashion, my first love :p

A month ago my friend Sumi Go (food blogger, check out her site for cool places to dine in) invited me to join a focus group for Studio Kitchen, a resto in Alabang (located on Commerce Center Building's 2nd floor, above Army Navy). And indeed I'm damn lucky to have this experience.

It was my very first time to critique a resto or be a member of a focus group on that matter. So Sumi and I arrived a bit late, since we're not familiar with the south's terrain, we got a bit lost as we had a wild goose hunt with Studio Kitchen lol. Based on what I've heard Studio Kitchen is supposed to be a fine dinning restaurant, but I beg to differ, with it's minimalist textural walls to it's simple rectangular tables and leather seats it appeals to me as a bistro with an exquisite taste. I loved the mood of it's interior design a very modern casual approach that gave comfy a new description.

to rate its ambiance I'll give it a 4 out of 5 score.

Food wasn't immediately served since scarcity on hands were apparent at that time, But we didn't consider it a huge thing on our table, and the Owner/Chef did apologize on that matter. But there were two things that did bother me and my friends since there were no change of utensils every after meal, and the waitresses were a bit slow with their actions.

I'd rate their service a 3.5 out of 5.

Leggo to the food (YUM!)

Their dishes were nice but nothing much special on the taste. For me something is lacking, plus in my opinion the chef uses too much oil, which is evident since it's oozing out of the dishes. But a few dishes stood out for me, the vegies from their Fresh Crab Salad is way better that the Fresh Green Salad, and their Dutch Veal Cheeks were sublime. But what caught my attention and my most loved was their desserts, TRULY YUM!  ^^.

to rate its wonderful meal I'd give Studio Kitchen a 3 out of 5.

Fresh Green Salad (P300)

Lapu-Lapu Rossejat (P595)

Funghi Pasta Ala Chitarra, Appetizer (P375); Entree (P490)

Fresh Crab Salad (P330)

Braised US Beef Short Rib (P695)

Maple Glazed Pork Belly (P540)

Dutch Veal Cheeks (P925)

Surf and Turf (P740)

Chocolate Coulant (P300)

Laiskonis Egg (P130)


I would like to thank Sumi for my outfit photos :)
Would you believe me that this FASHOWN cap came from Enchanted Kingdom?

Blazer from my own line Andro, Shirt from F21 men.

My favorite bag a gift from my uncle and shoes from Cubao Ex.
Me and The Gang:
Who is Sumi? She is the pretty girl beside me dressed in stripes :)

Studio Kitchen, Alabang
Unit 202 Commerce Center Building
Commerce Avenue, Filivest, Alabang
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila