Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day four of work

As a fashion enthusiast I made sure that my first work would be under the influence of this industry for me to make my mark on the said field, luckily Rustans had hired me as an MT (management trainee) in Zara. THANK YOU! :)

Today is my day four of work, and I've been doing a nice job so far. So guys and gals out there please do visit Zara Man Trinoma, look for me and I'd be happy to assist you (I'll be there today and tomorrow by 2pm til closing). Further details about my experience will be shared upon my rest day.

you guys can send me feedbacks on my performance as well.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh Plus Plus Plus

     Eat Bulaga, the longest running noon time show in the Phils, celebrated it's 33rd anniversary yesterday. As an avid fan, my aunt went to the Broadway Centrum to personally witness the event. Lot's of prizes were given to their audience, and one of them lucky ones was my aunt.

     Under the game Kaliwa o Kanan (Wave Wave Wave Win Win Win), not only my tita, but the whole row of people who joined the said segment won a brand new 6.3 wifi phone from O+. O+ is a new emerging brand of cellular phone line that provides high-tech yet affordable merchandise.

     So, since my aunt doesn't like to use cell phones she gave me the new phone, and such a luck for me coz' my old phone's about to die from exhaustion. The O+ 6.3 is a touch screen phone that I may compare to samsung's corby 2. O+ has different variety of phones from touch to androids to tablets, check out their website for more information. link

Monday, July 30, 2012

LV classic is classic

Last weekend we got a package form my aunt in Sg, both me and my sis were excited to check what's in it. Then suddenly this took my sight, one of the my favorite brands, a two letter combination logo that almost everyone drools about.

In it's Louis Vuitton box is a vintage address book that has nothing on it, and shit I got lucky after being sick for the entire week. It has a few scratch but still manageable and authentic, now I don't only own one LV's but two.

This would definitely come in handy since I'll officially start my work on Wednesday ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Dip-Dye in the Beach: The World Is An Aquarium Goes To The Sea

     To those who are following me on twitter, I twitted that I've been experimenting with dyes last month. So the beach was the perfect spot to test my subject if there are worthy enough to be fashion blogged. I have came up with 3 different pieces, but unfortunately only two of them were photographed. With one of my favorite photographers around, the fun shoot was a blast.

     Dip-dye is now one of my favorite trends of 2012, adjacent to Aztecs. Dip-dye is mostly seen on hairs nowadays, those two-toned hair are most definitely stunning for women with long hair, but I've seen a way on how a guy could don something as avant as the dip-dye art. This technique was a fad ages ago, on skirts,  denim pant and chambre tops, and now being given another chance in the whole fashion life cycle.

    From my last blog I talked about going to the beach and havin' some post summer relaxation with my friends, but my real agenda was to have my new looks shot on a perfect setting. So this in this blog I'll be talking about my new dip-dye creations that I made. I'd like to credit my dear friend Sumi Go for taking my photos.


     Look 1
A distressed shirt deep blue gradient to white shouts out a loud statement
Dip-dyed Shirt: Made by me
Pants: Divisoria
Fedora: Thrift store for 100Php
Shades: Thrift store for 50Php
Necklace: Thrift store for 100Php
Keyboard Bracelet: Vamped Accesories for 100Php
Espadrilles: Hawk 

     Look 2
I saw an old G2000 polo inside my dad's cabinet one day, seeing that time had already made its mark on the obvious discoloration on the collar, I had came up with a great idea of just dyeing the collar and avoiding everything else.
Dip-dyed polo: Old G2000
Shorts: Tailor made
Shades: Police
Keyboard necklace and rings: Vamped Accessories (necklace: 100Php, rings: 50Php each)

A Post Summer Vacay: The World Is An Aquarium Goes To The Sea

     A few weeks ago me and my HS friends went beachin' to get out from the hassles of our daily urban lives. Where to? Well me and my tried to look for beaches near the metro, searched from Cavite to Laguna and to Baler ending up to Munting Buhangin Beach Resort in Nasugbu Batangas.

     On the left photo is a view of the stairway from the beach up; On the
     photo at the right is a photo of me and my friends (from left to right:
     Michael, Diana, Ronn(Me), and Charles) taken by Sumi Go.

The Cabin we stayed at. Cabin #1! but the view 
isn't that great though since they are starting to
build another cabin in front of ours.

     The beach was nice, though it wasn't that clean, and rocks were abundant under its fine sand. My 2 hours of fun was immediately stopped by a wound that I got from stepping on a sharp rock by the shore, thus no more swimming for me. But that didn't stop me from fulfilling my first agenda on going to the beach, that's right! A LOOKBOOK SHOOT!

     Having my left foot injured I became the gang's official photographer for that day. As they swam their hearts out in the beach, I released what I've learned in photography from my 4 years in art school.

fellow bloggers Sumi Go (left) and Diana Lo (right)

Sumi Go
Diana Lo

Me, Charles and Torch fooling around.

shot taken during my lookbook shot.

From left to right Michael Torch, Sumi Go, Diana Lo, and Charles Uy

From left to right Sumi, Me, and Charles
     A weekend of fun wasn't enough for me, hopefully next year I'll be able to enjoy more trips as I will be officially earning money by the end of this year.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some brands I like and their latest looks. (Men's Fashion)

D&G S/S 2012
Do Rego & Novoa Spring/Summer 2012
Brooks Brothers Spring Summer 2012
Tommy Hilfiger’s Shore Things Collection
Bershka Boys stylebook May 2012
Thom Browne Man SS13
Zara June 2012
Topman Design S/S 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sale Alert! Unica Hija

Unica Hija, the Filipino retailer of stylish casual apparel for women, is going to have a month long sale from July 1-31. 

I've seen their latest collections last fashion week and they were divine, with looks covering from casual to a business / business casual look and street to cocktail ensembles, Unica Hija is perfect for different kinds women, so for all the ladies out there check out the nearest Unica Hija stores now :)