Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Dip-Dye in the Beach: The World Is An Aquarium Goes To The Sea

     To those who are following me on twitter, I twitted that I've been experimenting with dyes last month. So the beach was the perfect spot to test my subject if there are worthy enough to be fashion blogged. I have came up with 3 different pieces, but unfortunately only two of them were photographed. With one of my favorite photographers around, the fun shoot was a blast.

     Dip-dye is now one of my favorite trends of 2012, adjacent to Aztecs. Dip-dye is mostly seen on hairs nowadays, those two-toned hair are most definitely stunning for women with long hair, but I've seen a way on how a guy could don something as avant as the dip-dye art. This technique was a fad ages ago, on skirts,  denim pant and chambre tops, and now being given another chance in the whole fashion life cycle.

    From my last blog I talked about going to the beach and havin' some post summer relaxation with my friends, but my real agenda was to have my new looks shot on a perfect setting. So this in this blog I'll be talking about my new dip-dye creations that I made. I'd like to credit my dear friend Sumi Go for taking my photos.


     Look 1
A distressed shirt deep blue gradient to white shouts out a loud statement
Dip-dyed Shirt: Made by me
Pants: Divisoria
Fedora: Thrift store for 100Php
Shades: Thrift store for 50Php
Necklace: Thrift store for 100Php
Keyboard Bracelet: Vamped Accesories for 100Php
Espadrilles: Hawk 

     Look 2
I saw an old G2000 polo inside my dad's cabinet one day, seeing that time had already made its mark on the obvious discoloration on the collar, I had came up with a great idea of just dyeing the collar and avoiding everything else.
Dip-dyed polo: Old G2000
Shorts: Tailor made
Shades: Police
Keyboard necklace and rings: Vamped Accessories (necklace: 100Php, rings: 50Php each)


  1. Lalalove the treatment on the photos~ Btw, I uploaded the shots for the second look. Take a peek and include them here!!! :D Would love to see them posted since you were so fab! <3

    PS: When I manage to become skinny again, make me a dip-dyed cropped top! Please~ :3

    1. Sumi! definitely we should, lol I saw something on TV I'd really like to go there 888 hotsprings in Laguna, You must check it out!