Thursday, April 12, 2012

Art Students say: "We Paint Hard But Party Harder!!"

CFAD students celebrate their talent with another Artsy Fartsy Party Bash! Last March 13, showcasing more than their artistic capabilities, these talented students showed their vocal prowess that night. Accompanied with artworks on sale that night Artsy Fartsy made a huge BANG! As the students, mostly comprises by the Juniors and Seniors, enjoy their last few weeks of school days.

CFAD Adver Graduates danced their hearts out!
From left to right: Mae, Bea, Pikoy, Kido, Edes

Roses were given to girls as celebration to Philippine Women's Month.
Ate Jenn Pinon says "I LOVE YOU" with her roses.
These Three LOVABLE LADIES have been and still very essential in my life!
and two are very much available ;)
(email me for their numbers)
From left to right: Sab, Jaz, Lei

Yep Kido Onion Nose nosed it

Photo by: Sab Tuanquin

And when the students got drunk THIS happened.
Bea as "Thalia"
I'm hoping for another Artsy Fartsy encore guys and be sure to invite me again next time YEAH! \m/


Cardigan from Oxygen, Pants from Lee, Tank Top from Le Froge.

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