Thursday, May 10, 2012

AVANT GARDE: not the blue people


[uh-vahnt-gahrd, uh-vant-, av-ahnt-, ah-vahnt-; Fr. a-vahn-gard]

the advance group in any field, especially in the visual,literary, or musical arts, whose works are characterizedchiefly by unorthodox and experimental methods.

I know that this post might be considered as an expired one but i'd still like to share it to you.

DLSU students had held this fun fashion competition event last march, I was supposed to join the said event but due to acads and time issues me and my friends wasn't able to participate. Anyway, I was with my friend Kido, who's nice enough to help me get a cab since I got a bit tipsy in the party. LOL I didn't know that Boracay Rum can be something.

On to fashion, so the said event was a fashion crew competition on which crew would be able to create the most outstanding avant garde piece. So each crew are composed of a stylist, a photographer, a hair stylist, a model, and make-up artist.


This for me is the most HAUTE COUTURE of all the entries managing all the  frills and ruffles into one ensemble is magnificent, It's silhouette reminds me a lot of Alexander McQueen.

A creation by the Posh Renz Pangilinan, and art directed by the wonderful Nicole Santos. This unique piece was made by luminous fabrics and reflectors used in motorcycling, a personal favorite of mine.

This amazing creation was made by a friend of mine NJ and his team. This was actually my favorite of the bunch.

With its concept using recyclable materials and it's wonderful photos, this fab fad won the competition 



Renz, Nicole, and  Charisma with their model

Kido, Neil, and Jonard

Palteng brothers, Neil and Jonard.

Me with Neil and Jonard

For every successful fashion show an after party is a must. ;)

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