Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Last Friday I went to Techno Hub in QC to meet up with my friend Sarah, a student designer, to buy a few accessories that she personally made. And I'm freakishly excited to show you guys these quirky accessories that I got.

Vamp Accessoriesare fashion forward accessories taken from bits and pieces from something you can see every day. Vamp believes that style can be taken from anything. It is where budding fashionistas can go to find stand out, unique pieces for their wardrobe, without breaking the bank. Customers can get fun, quirky accessories to boost up any look. It is also open to Made-to-order customized accessories. Vamp has all you need to give your wardrobe an instant facelift.

Yes, Vamp can be a bit girly but there are some pieces that would accent a modern Fashionisto as well, specially it's current collection.

Quirky keyboard accessories from CHATBOX
For all the girls and the guys out there who are looking for a cool out of the norm accessories check this out.

So these are the ones I bought from Vamp.
rings are 50php each, the bracelet 130php, and the necklace 100php each. You can check out more designs in Vamp's facebook page.
Advice for the guys out there, these are some pieces from the collection that 
think would suit best for men who would want to wear these quirky one-of-a-kind 
accessories, simple yet still fashion forward.

It's best for men to wear simpler accessories in order to not collide with one's


Inspired by Steve of Blue's Clues I wore a striped green sweat-shirt with khaki shorts
finished of with a pair of quirky shades and my dark brown leather shoes from Black Box.

I would like to thank Diana Lo, Chatterbox, for accompanying me. ;)

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