Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Photo credits to Ms. Kristin Cornejo

From Left to Right: (Fanny Serrano, Edgar San Diego, Cherry Veric, and June Pugat)

Once again Philippine Fashion Week's Grand Allure never failed to amuse me. With its grandeur high fashion couture collections, the designers blew away their audience with one epic gown after another. The designer's were mostly inspired from the crimson's powerful color; if not neutrals and all whites were present amongst other collections, coincidence or an up coming trend? I'll let you guys decide. The following designers were featured on this season's collection: Aris Pico, Boyet Dysangco, Cherry Samuya Veric, Edgar San Diego, Fanny Serrano, Gil Macaibay, June Pugat, Luis delos Santos, Popo Go, and Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos.

Aris Pico's Last Look

I'm actually not familiar with Aris Pico, and this is the first time I've seen one of his collections. His designs were inspired by brocade-like embellished elements using sheer fabrics with a touch of contemporary silhouettes and patterns, a mix match of classic and futuristic design in my opinion.


Boyet Dysangco

Red and Gold, an excellent and everlastingly elegant powerful combo, that would always look like a million bucks. Boyet matched it up in sequined pattern long trained gowns which added more sophistication in its oh so overflowing elegance.


Cherry Samuya Veric
Head pieces by: Van Cleef Emnacen

This collection is one of my favorites of the night, Cherry created haute couture garments with beads of nude and vermilion color patterned into a Greco-Romanish style, and the wonderful headdresses were crowd stunners. 
And I would definetly wear the blazer on photo number four. Two Thumbs up!


Edgar San Diego

Edgar San Diego's collection is a stunner for many. With its "oriental feel in a modern cut" inspiration, I must say I'm a fan of the orient's culture and seeing then come into runway reality is just a major plus points for me.


Fanny Serrano

Tita Fanny did it again, with his all white euro themed layered ensembles slays the crowd in awe. His collection definitely sent me to another dimension, a piece of his imagination. I'm sure that this is the favorite collection of  most in the audience.


June Pugat

The master of the art of dyeing. June Pugat is one of my fave designers, not only because of his creations, but also because of his attitude towards the people around him. June's collection was the most diverse of all, he used neutral earthy tones with of course his signature dip-dye effect that gradients the whole ensemble. His designs are always forward with his unusual cuts and drapes that I find effortlessly beautiful.


Popo Go's Last Look
Another fashion week veteran, Popo Go, showcased his fabulous collection in the Grand Allure house. He showcased a more on high fashion RTW look, than the Haute Couture genre where Grand Allure is known for.

Mitzi Bustos

Taking a big leap from her 2011 collection that comprises of plain looks as she now made use of different fabric techniques and embellishments for details, going out of her usual RTW looks where skin was dominant, she created floor length gowns with the same monochromatic touch.



Leopard Print Trench Coat that I got for 240php only
Vintage Police Sunglasses
and a White Zara  Polo


After the show I went mingling with other people and viola look at who I bumped into :)

I couldn't help it and had a chat with Fanny Serrano himself, and he was very nice and very down to earth.
Ms, Sarah Oxales, one of the fellow student designers from Lee Jeans' "National Denim Day" Student Designer Competition

Michael Cinco was fun to talk with, he really entertains people. 
An attitude that most people must learn.


  1. I don't mean to be a troll. But Would it be wrong to claim some credits? Because I did the headpieces for Cherry Veric.

    Here's a link to prove that.

    I just thought it would be nice to see my name there too. :)

    1. Sure Sure no prob :) you can email me to give me more details about your creation :)